Indicators Development Process


The development process began with gathering indicators and self-assessment tools for assessing teacher technology skills already begun by several districts. Using these documents as a starting point, a team made up of educators from across the state drafted a set of measurable indicators for basic technology skills. These indicators form the basis for an objective assessment tool that will be offered to all districts to assist with addressing NCLB goals.



In April (2004), a draft set of indicators was posted for review. Stakeholders were notified through the Florida Council of Instructional Technology Leaders (FCITL) and the Florida Association for Computers in Education (FACE). Feedback was received from nearly 300 individuals, representing both district level personnel and classroom teachers.



Based upon this feedback, the set of indicators was revised. Several additional items were added, some were deleted, and others were modified. Overall feedback was positive, and most respondents thought that the set of indicators was a good representation of basic technology skills.